Business Process Reengineering

We are all aware of the constant pressure on all companies, and particularly those in the manufacturing sector, to retain margins in the face of competition from imports and the increasing cost of business finance. By giving assistance to companies through the introduction of Lean principles, the BARC Consulting target is to assist our clients to achieve cost reduction objectives by increasing operational efficiency and eliminating non value adding activities – the function of reengineering business processes is to improve profitability.


To increase the operational efficiency of our client’s business by eliminating non value adding activities, and reengineering the business processes using Lean principles to improve the profitability of the business.

The process comprises five stages:

Stage 1: Value Stream Mapping
The entire business process is examined from start to finish, and the contribution or cost attributed to each activity is assessed.

Stage 2: Identification and Measurement
We identify and measure all the non value adding activities or inefficiencies in the business processes using various Lean methodologies – they can be identified in various areas or processes, e.g.

  • Inventory
  • Movement of materials
  • Movement of personnel and/or processing equipment
  • Over production
  • Excessive processing
  • Waiting – lack of synchronization or coordination of activities
  • Rework

Stage 3: Analysis
We analyse and determine the root causes of these non value adding activities or inefficiencies, and identify opportunities for improvement.

Stage 4: Process Reengineering and Improvement
We reengineer and improve the business processes to eliminate non value adding activities or inefficiencies in every area or process using Lean methodologies.

Stage 5: Review
Constant review of the implemented business processes to continually improve and to reinforce the improvements to ensure that old practices are not adopted again.

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Our competitive differentiation lies in our experience and exemplary success rate, a solid background in industry with a strong technical and commercial base, and cost competitiveness.

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