Business and Recruitment Consulting Pty Ltd (BARC) has been providing a comprehensive range of services to Australian business and industry since 1994. Our key focus is to provide clients with services that save time, minimise costs and facilitate business and profit growth.

As a full-service business consultancy, we provide a comprehensive range of services including lean process reengineering, strategic and structural review, financial & corporate leadership consulting, market strategic planning, market research, and logistical advice and guidance.

BARC has earned a reputation for superior professional standards and success in the provision of these services in all states of Australia, with each of these services administered by consultants who are specialists in their field.

HR Advisory

As BARC enters a new era we now provide a more comprehensive range of human resources advisory services on a consulting basis. These services are provided by specialist consultants with extensive, “real world” experience.

Operational HR

Provision of complete Operational HR management advice appropriate for small, medium and larger organisations;

  • Policy and Procedures review
  • IR advice
  • Project planning and execution
  • Programs designed to improve ongoing profitability
  • Strategic business planning at senior management level

Enhancing organisational performance through formulating and implementing Human Resource, Industrial Relations, Organisational Change and Customer Service strategies.

Performance Management Process

Review Results & Set Objectives – Effort Alignment – Identify/Measure Results

Defining and setting organisational, team and individual objectives

Applying organised and controlled effort to meet those objectives

Achieving, measuring and reviewing results prior to next phase of objectives planning.

Executive Management Performance

Discrete analysis, development and implementation of tailored programs to improve performance of the Executive Management Team

Programs cover remedial coaching and improvement of relationships in EMT and their teams.

Industrial Relations

  • Drafting and implementation of workforce IR strategies, policies and practices
  • Drafting and negotiation of EBA/workplace agreements
  • Employment termination (disciplinary/performance/redundancy)
  • Workplace investigations and Mediation Assistance
  • Workforce transmission of business projects
  • Major project assistance and support for organisational restructure, redundancy and management

Workforce Engagement

Enhancing employee productivity/discretionary effort through:

Enhancing workforce productivity through the application of proven group and individual engagement strategies and programs

Focus on improvement in employee productivity and discretionary effort.

Change Management

Planning, designing and implementing major cultural change programs, with a focus on significant productivity gains.

Development of employee relations strategies, especially in organisations or industries/sectors where major change is required.

Development and execution of strategic customer service programs

Business and Workforce Restructure

Substantial experience in developing, planning and executing restructuring projects enabling effected with;

  • Maximum sensitivity
  • Appropriate resourcing
  • Execution
  • Clear correct message delivery
  • Next steps communicated
  • Reduced risk of IR issues.

Business Acquisition & Divestment

Integration and cultural alignment of acquisitions with whole or partial elements of a business Due diligence in all aspects of HR including, current performance, IR and OH&S risk, T&D. Maintenance of industrial harmony as well as staff and overhead costs savings.

Strategic Marketing Services

BARC offers a wide range of services to assist our clients to develop growth and success in their business. We assist clients in the development and implementation of marketing strategy with support services in market research (qualitative and quantitative), distribution channel strategies, marketing planning and program implementation.

BARC offers clients assistance in the development and implementation of marketing strategies to drive business growth. From an analysis of the client’s current competitive status and marketing effectiveness to the search and exploitation of new market opportunities, BARC brings skills and wide experience across a broad range of B2B and B2C categories.

Services include:

  • Market Research
  • Marketing Audits
  • Customer Research and Analysis
  • Segmentation Studies.
  • Usage and Attitude Studies.
  • Market Feasibility Studies
  • New Product Research
  • Packaging and Branding Research
  • Employee Attitude Studies
  • New Product Development Planning
  • Packaging Development
  • Design, development
  • Distribution Channel Strategies
  • Supply Chain Analysis and Strategies
  • Distributor networks.
  • Franchising Development
  • Promotional Strategies
  • Sales Force Structures
  • Promotional Analysis
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Design and implementation of promotional tools and advertising material
  • Pricing Strategies
  • Competitive analysis
  • Financial analysis
  • Marketing Planning
  • Strategic Plans
  • Budgets
  • Action Plans
  • Marketing Program Management
  • Full Project Management
  • Facilitation

Business Process Reengineering.

We are all aware of the constant pressure on all companies, and particularly those in the manufacturing sector, to retain margins in the face of competition from imports and the increasing cost of business finance. By giving assistance to companies through the introduction of Lean principles, the BARC Consulting target is to assist our clients to achieve cost reduction objectives by increasing operational efficiency and eliminating non value adding activities – the function of reengineering business processes is to improve profitability.


To increase the operational efficiency of our client’s business by eliminating non value adding activities, and reengineering the business processes using Lean principles to improve the profitability of the business.

The process comprises five stages:

Stage 1: Value Stream Mapping

The entire business process is examined from start to finish, and the contribution or cost attributed to each activity is assessed.

Stage 2: Identification and Measurement

We identify and measure all the non value adding activities or inefficiencies in the business processes using various Lean methodologies – they can be identified in various areas or processes, e.g.

  • Inventory
  • Movement of materials
  • Movement of personnel and/or processing equipment
  • Over production
  • Excessive processing
  • Waiting – lack of synchronization or coordination of activities
  • Rework

Stage 3: Analysis

We analyse and determine the root causes of these non value adding activities or inefficiencies, and identify opportunities for improvement.

Stage 4: Process Reengineering and Improvement

We reengineer and improve the business processes to eliminate non value adding activities or inefficiencies in every area or process using Lean methodologies.

Stage 5: Review

Constant review of the implemented business processes to continually improve and to reinforce the improvements to ensure that old practices are not adopted again.

Strategic Logistics Planning & Execution.

Achieving measurable savings to an organisations time and cost by enabling improvements in their Supply Chain and Procurement operations.

Our service provides measurable improvements by focusing on n 3 areas of expert support

  • Customer focused consulting service
  • Effective execution of Education and Training programs
  • Sustainable continuous improvement through specific mentoring and support.

When organisations need to make measurable improvements in their Supply Chain and Procurement operations BARC Consulting can assist with via specific project consulting, education, and training programs as well as ongoing mentoring and support.

By applying the latest thinking in Logistics and Procurement know how we work to provide sustainable solutions to a client’s improvement opportunities. The aim is always to leave clients with the tools, skills and knowledge to continue the process of improvement long after the need for we have left.

Our training and education programs are based on the most up to date research in the areas we specialise in. Programs can be tailored to individual organisations’ needs and language. If desired, most programs with the addition of suitable assessment can qualify participants for nationally recognised award qualifications from our associated University and Registered Training Organisation partners.

You can be certain if you engage BARC consulting to assist you with your Logistics Planning and Execution you will have gained valuable benefits and enhanced your knowledge of your Supply Chain and Procurement operations and how to improve them.

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