Employers who work at best practice benefit from motivated staff that are performing at their best. These employers also understand that when issues concerning underperformance are not addressed and managed both appropriately and sensitively, it can lead to unhealthy and unproductive outcomes that may affect the entire workplace.

Establishing effective performance management systems can have significant benefits for your business, as it can lead to happier, more motivated and better performing employees. Reviewing, refining and implementing performance management systems are ways of helping achieve these significant benefits.

BARC understands the complexity associated with managing poor performers and can directly assist or provide mentoring to help develop happy high performers.

The Process Entails:

  • Review Results & Set Objectives
  • Effort Alignment
  • Identify/Measure Results
  • Defining and setting organisational, team and individual objectives
  • Applying organised and controlled effort to meet those objectives
  • Achieving, measuring and reviewing results prior to next phase of objectives planning

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