Recruit Your ‘A’ Team

Cutting the cost of recruitment by relying on new technologies can backfire, leaving you with under performing employees who end up costing more.

Running your own recruitment campaign by advertising vacant positions on a range of career portals including your company website might save you in up front costs but leaves you wide open to the question of whether you’re attracting the best candidates. Invariably you are not.

When you delve deeper you can understand why.

The role is advertised for a short period (it’s hit or miss as whether the right person even sees the ad).

Most candidates (around 60%) aren’t actively looking for new roles but the kicker is they are open to the right opportunity if they know about new positions (but they are too busy excelling at their current company to look for jobs)

You can only select from the limited list who’ve responded to your ad. How much are you compromising?

The ROI on an under performing recruit is negative; on a high performing recruit it can mean 30 – 40+% more revenue

Let’s be real – everyone would love to land their dream job or recruit high performing employees.

Our advice is to leverage an extensive talent pool in conjunction with the standard career portals, that way you have access to both active job seekers and passive talent.

We have thousands of candidates in our talent pool – the product of over 18 years recruiting and managing technical talent. The BARC Talent Pool comprises of approximately 25% of talent actively looking for roles and responding to advertised positions, and a large portion of the remaining 75% as suitable candidates who are invariably passive (high performers not looking at job ads or career pages) and would seriously consider a new role with the right company.

What is clear is – your company can only be as good as your employees. If you want an “A” team working for you and are responsible for the bottom line you cannot afford to compromise on the quality of your candidates. The good news is there is a better way that can have a positive return on investment. Accessing the extensive BARC Talent Pool before you advertise vacant positions can save you time and ultimately save you money.

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